WP 2 Ergonomics and Human Factors requirements and pilot planning

Objectives: As the final users of this project are seniors, that is, the age group most affected by the digital divide, it is highly advisable and necessary to strengthen the system usability and improve its impact in the users’ life. From the human factors point of view, the aim is to gather all relevant information of the innovation context system, including older people experiencing cognitive decline, professionals, (informal) caregivers and other stakeholders such as insurance companies and private and public institutions. From the usability point of view, the main contribution of this work package will be on the one hand, to analyse the requirements associated to the BUTLER services, and to adapt them to the target population. On the other hand, it will be to design and evaluate the usability and acceptability of the new features and modules of ehcoBUTLER. This work package will be closely related to the different development work packages.

There are six main tasks in this work package:

  • TASK 2.1) End user definition, requirements and use cases

  • TASK 2.2) Analysis of low and high fidelity mock-ups of Web

  • TASK 2.3) Iterative usability assessments during development

  • TASK 2.4) Evaluation of the Beta

  • TASK 2.5) Pilot site assessment

  • TASK 2.6) Pilot and validation planning