WP 1 Project Management

The overall objective of this WP is to assure efficient project management.

The main objectives of this Work Package are:

  1. Establish & document clear operating conditions for the management of the project.

  2. Manage the administrative and financial aspects of the project and monitor its costs;

  3. Update project planning and schedule to reflect progress and changes in project development.

  4. Coordination of the project and all management activities at central level and within the different pilots.

  5. Ensure good communication with the EU Commission and prepare project reviews.

  6. Supervise deliverables and peer reviews.

  7. Provide tool framework for completion management of the project:

    1. Version Control of the deliverables;

    2. Administration of the budget;

    3. Administration of the issues;

    4. Administration of the risks.

There are four main tasks in this work package:

  • TASK 1.1) Quality Assurance

  • TASK 1.2) Project management

  • TASK 1.3) Progress reports and meeting

  • TASK 1.3) Ethical issues management