WP 5 Pilots Execution

Objectives: The pilots will have four fundamental objectives: (1) to demonstrate the feasibility of implementation of the base solution of ehcoBUTLER, as a global ecosystem to support independent and healthy life; (2) to demonstrate the viability of the specific business model which develops the pilot, trying to assess if the platform is suitable for each of the proposed business models and scenarios. The pilots will focus on four different business cases and investment returns (Public Care Organizations, Elder Centres, Support to everyday life organizations and Telecare & TeleHealth Companies); (3) to evaluate the effectiveness of specific modules added to the ehcoBUTLER platform and which will be included in each pilot, normally associated with their business model; (4) to evaluate the results of the pilots regarding the variables of study, age, type of cognitive impairment, family status, etc...(see Pilots detail in section “ AC3. Pilots & Business Models”). As we have shown before in, the pilots will try to find a balance between the necessary flexibility in the management of every pilot to be adapted to the specific conditions of the pilot site and its users, and a standard and fixed protocol to be followed by every pilot in order to ensure that we can compare results for its evaluation and exploitation.

There are four main tasks in this work package:

  • TASK 5.1) Pilot site customization

  • TASK 5.2) Participant selection and training

  • TASK 5.3) Platform installation, deployment and running

  • TASK 5.4) Validation and assessment.