WP 4 Apps development for ehcoBUTLER

Objectives: The aim of this work package is to develop extra MCI modules which function in the ehcoBUTLER ecosystem, using the API developed in WP3, to enhance elder independent living:

  • GRADIOR cognitive therapies, which will be tested by all pilots in WP5.

  • SenseView Monitoring module, which will be tested by pilots in France, Israel and Netherlands.

  • Others MCI modules

All applications will be designed to be accessible for senior population with even the least familiarity of using IT technology. ehcoBUTLER aim is to give the elderly and others an easy to use, no instructions required applications.

All data will be encrypted to protect sensitive user data. The privacy of user identity and user data, the confidentiality of sensible user information and also the verification of transmitted data as well as the integrity of implemented software has to be established and verified.

There are three main tasks in this work package:

  • TASK 4.1) GRADIOR adapted to ehcoBUTLER

  • TASK 4.2) SenseView adapted to ehcoBUTLER

  • TASK 4.3) Others MCI modules