WP 3 Design and development of ehcoBUTLER platform and common modules

Objectives: This work package will focus on the design, development and integration of the ehcoBUTLER platform, including the common and core modules like the agenda, market, research and management and follow up modules. This implementation will be based on the requirements and specifications gathered in WP1. In parallel to the design and implementation for the whole system, usability prototype tests will be carried out, in order to make sure that the users (mainly the elders with cognitive impairments) will be able to use the application. After the integration and testing phase a stable version of ehcoBUTLER will be delivered.

There are three main tasks in this work package:

  • TASK 3.1) System technical analysis;

  • TASK 3.2) Design and development;

  • TASK 3.3) Integration and testing.